15 Responses to Mixtape

  1. Brandi Kirkland says:

    I really like this how do I download on the iphone

  2. Niko says:

    I got a taste and I want more!! Definitely see the progression from vol. 1.
    Footage being released as a single was a no brainer. On the real tracks 12, 10, and 8 should be on deck for rotation. L’s up –Believe That!!

  3. Reginald Thomas says:

    Yo This Is NICE!!!!!!!!!

  4. villian the great says:

    levelnext wat up baby good stuff chitown standup

  5. Dj Apollo War says:

    Sweet tracks, posted it all over my networks

  6. Derrick Mr Pearlaholic Kent says:

    Aye this is rockin keep up the hard work keep grindin yall on yall way be blessed Taylor and E Frank your voices are ridiculous , dj booman and Jamahl ima hit yall soon that HACKED NEED TO DROP

  7. Ellie says:

    What I Do- LOL Boo comes in and makes it sound HARD!

  8. Ellie says:

    Progress: I like that, especially the older you get, your going to meet more women with children. People have pasts and children come with that

  9. Elizabeth Thompson says:

    Ericka Franklin, you got down on this one.

  10. smoma says:

    As usual the Level Next brings the HEAT! Every song is a HIT! Real music that everyone can enjoy! AWESOME job!
    Love you Level Next Family!

  11. Lenora Sutton says:

    This Mix tape needs to take Off, get it in Level Next,,, I really really Love Footage, What I Do, Believe That, Can We Go, & Ww (Fire) My Level is Next Combines’ all the Heart’s & Soul’s with so much talent & Love for all… I Love This Ummmm

  12. dj booman says:

    that s what im talking about real music level next always bring the heat

  13. shikher jaitly says:

    all of them are fabulous songs

    • devol wells says:

      thats whats up hot lava level next music chi town doing the dam thang west side southside east side north stand up we got some real music

  14. KWOE says:

    Loving it!! Can’t wait for the SHOWCASE.

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