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  1. hey this kashondra from parker you gave me the shirt and thanks for the shirt and thanks for giving us th flashdrive and i wanted to say thank you for having a good time with us

  2. Aye bro,
    That fireworks track go hard. Keep them studio tracks like that for the ladies homeboi.
    If you ever wanna collaborate, I’m still around the 217. Midwest. Studio accessible.

    Peace Out

  3. Nice work. I live your version if started from the bottom. Silky voice. Bedroom music worthy!

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  7. I absolutely love “So Long”! It’s real and comes from an internal place…which makes it that much greater to me! Music from and for the soul. Good work as usual….Best!

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  11. So much talented. My ears love it! It makes me feel like I want to dance. Get all sexy… 😉 Love it!

  12. You can buy the singles on iTunes and we have a FREE mix tape on this site for you to listen to.

  13. Taylor, you are so talented “Sunni’s Outside” is a beautiful song. It’s so young love. It represents classy ethical/moralic young fun love story. We need more music like this. I’m so glad you have music appreciation and that you are not trashy with your music talent. It means alot today. Bless u. Look forward to hear your future releases.

  14. I enjoy your voice very much. God put that voice in you to share with the world that beautiful melody that your process insde. It’s Sunni Outside…I like, I like, I like…the video is awesome….continue what you’re doing!

  15. Hey whats up Taylor saw you on today at the teen jam on 35th ii was the dj very interested in bringing you to Calumet City Ill for a couple of things hit me back let me know how we could talk thanks again my name is Rod

  16. What up T. Mallory!! I can’t wait to hear my favorite song, “Your beauty is a problem” again!! That song is amazing, keep up the good work!

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