Level Next

We believe …

We believe in doing good
While doing well

We believe that having a good time
And doing a good thing aren’t mutually exclusive

We believe it’s better to find the right questions
Than to think you have all the answers

We believe in making money
As long as money doesn’t make you

We believe its not what you do to your music
It’s what you do with your music

We believe that art can be provocative or evocative
But great art elevates

We believe that what comes from the heart
Goes to the heart

We believe being an artist
Is not just about singing, rapping, or performing
It’s having something to say
And being able to truly communicate

We believe you don’t find your next level on the outside
Level Next is inside your heart and comes from your soul


contact: questions@levelnextmusic.com


One Response to About

  1. Fred W. says:

    I came across you guys performing at the 2014 Taste of Chicago Festival on Wednesday afternoon. All I can say is, WOW! Great music, great message, great vocals. So when I got home I had to look you guys up to find out more about you. Keep doing great music and always put God first, I hope to run into you all again.

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