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  1. I am a print model as well as singer songwriter. I would like to find out more information on how I cold possible be represented by you and also get my music published.

  2. Hi Im the manager that represents “Jay.” In my quest to secure him a spot on the roster of a label, I came across you guys. How can I submit his work to you guys for possible consideration?

  3. Hey! I was DJing last Tuesday at P71 in Studio City. While up in the DJ booth a young gentleman gave me what i presumed to be his business card which was to this site. I left him with my name and number on a napkin, but was wondering what he was interested in. Do you all have a roster of DJ’s or need a DJ for events? Let me know!

    Best regards,
    aka ‘DJ CHA’

  4. Do you all do publishing deals with artist and get them placements in film/television?

    I’m a singer songwriter and I would like to know…

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