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  1. Wow!
    Exciting to sit down, listen and look at the various episodes chronicling your paths to success. It’s wonderful for individuals to observe what it takes to keep pushing forward-toward your goals and achieving them! It’s certainly not for the faint of heart. Thanks to all of you for showing the many facets of the realities behind the artists.
    You all are admired by me…..See you at the top soon and God bless

    Michelle E

  2. I absolutely LOVE this! I think its great for people to see behind the scenes, especially the times when things dont always go as planned or when there are artistic differences. Truly amazing talent

  3. Hands up – L – for Level Next on episode #10 Finale! & God bless K.W.O.E on the new single “Believe That” Love it!!!!! Kept up the good work Level Next Crew!!!!

  4. Was very Busy today, finally got to see Episode 9. I Love the Footage Song, This Tape brings out a lot of Unity in Level Next Artist’s. You guy’s keep it up Stay Unified!!! It shows so many different Level’s of Talent . Next!!!!!

  5. The Level next Girls are very talented, & they are so Beautiful , God Bless & keep it coming great episode 8 .

  6. I love that you are showing the fans what you guys are all about and how much work , dedication and love that is put into y’all music. I’m loving what y’all are doing and I just know everything will fall into place .

  7. Taylor,Tonja,Jamride, K.W.O.E, Booman, China of Level next Love you guy’s on Episode 7, great set up keep it up , enjoyed this, God Bless,
    Much Love Next!!!!!!

  8. Episode 6, You guy’s are really showing the different Level’s of Level Next!!!! this is making Chills go through me. can’t wait for the Grand Finale!!! very spectacular. God is taking you all to the Twightlight Zone. keep up the good work & spread the Love!!!!!
    of God…….

  9. Well you guys done did it again, I was about to cry on this one Too….. such an emotional Episode 5, I loved the set up, The Radio station part when you guys
    ran through the hall just in time, this was great… left me wanting more!!!! God is steering you all Much Love!!!!!

  10. Hey Taylor/Jamsride,
    I’m Lifeis2art on Twitter. I’m an educator, a visual artist, a wife, mom and grandmother. I love your hip hop (Vol2). I like how creative you are. Your lyrics speaks to the modern day slavery common workers experience; work all day- 24/7 and they are STILL shy money to make ends meet. Thank you for including social issues in your music lyrics.
    Thank you for living your passion–a life lived this way is always a model for others.
    Pam M. Fort Myers, FL

  11. Get on YOUTUBE and GET on ELLEN—-

    Walking in love is in line with President Barack Obama’s comments about giving children love who act out- care about them so when someone steps on their sneakers they aren’t shooting ppl–

    Jamsride, I’m Lifeis2Art on Twitter, YOU my friend, your work, is needed for the work– to spread love, uplift souls and show true caring for youth–we need it now–the world needs your music now.

    I wish you more and more success, abundant blessings- I want your message to spread- thank you for sharing with me!
    Pam M.- Fort Myers, FL

  12. That was fantastic! very beneficial helping others God is smiling! I am definitely proud of All of you guys . Helping the community strive!!! Loving Episode 4 NEXT!!!!!

  13. I am Loving episode 3, it also keeps you anticipating more & more Go Level next I Love ya’ll Keep’um coming, very Godly Talented people!!!!

  14. BiG CONGRATS to ALL the ARTISTS & BEHIND THE SCENES @ LEVEL NEXT!!! TONJA…. I see ya doing some BIG things! Cheers & “yeeeeahoooowe” w/ my X in the air to my friends/fam Taylor, China, Kareem, Boo & Olivia to much more success!!!!
    1 Love
    -Naimah ‘Xstra’ Cyprian

  15. This is very good way to let people know what you guy’s are constantly pushing to do. & what it’s is all about, it is very positive & helps a lot of people along the way.
    God, is & will continue to be the strength of you all. I Love you all Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Come on EPISODE 2!!!!!!!!!!

  16. This is sooooo cool!! Shows the grind and the hard work behind the madness! Love the approach and the visual ride this takes me on, I’m hooked!!

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