15 comments on “Mixtape 2013

  1. I got a taste and I want more!! Definitely see the progression from vol. 1.
    Footage being released as a single was a no brainer. On the real tracks 12, 10, and 8 should be on deck for rotation. L’s up –Believe That!!

  2. Aye this is rockin keep up the hard work keep grindin yall on yall way be blessed Taylor and E Frank your voices are ridiculous , dj booman and Jamahl ima hit yall soon that HACKED NEED TO DROP

  3. Progress: I like that, especially the older you get, your going to meet more women with children. People have pasts and children come with that

  4. As usual the Level Next brings the HEAT! Every song is a HIT! Real music that everyone can enjoy! AWESOME job!
    Love you Level Next Family!

  5. This Mix tape needs to take Off, get it in Level Next,,, I really really Love Footage, What I Do, Believe That, Can We Go, & Ww (Fire) My Level is Next Combines’ all the Heart’s & Soul’s with so much talent & Love for all… I Love This Ummmm

  6. thats whats up hot lava level next music chi town doing the dam thang west side southside east side north stand up we got some real music

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