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  1. I love how diverse this mixtape is. It has an easy flow from track to track. I’m digging the lyrics and catchy melody, especially coming from new and upcoming artists from Chicago. Keep up the good work you all…. next stop the Red Line is ….. MY LEVEL IS NEXT… lm(abs)o. I love the passion and talent you all have because I can hear through your music, just like I like it! I will be going hard on the dance tracks. MUCH LOVE to my good fam-friends Endiskize (China, K Wells & Booman) and Taylor Mallory. I haven’t personally met Jami Singer and Willow Wells but I like your vocals as wells. Peace Love & Music

  2. Love you guyss!! I’ve never heard any of these before! I love themm!!! I really love Rolling in the Deep and All of the lights. Jami you have a beautiful voice. All of you are amazing! Can’t wait to see what’s next 🙂

  3. WHEN IS JAMI’S MUSIC GONNA BE ON ITUNES?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? ITS KILLIN ME! Ever since the Endiskize video release party at The Alley, her song Medicine has been stuck in my head. After all, the best way to get a song out of ur head is to listen to it! Please hurry!!!! 🙂

  4. The variety of music on the mix tape provides listeners with a variety of talent that can appeal to audiences of so many backgrounds who enjoy different genres. I personally thought the remixes was a brilliant idea, because it put a twist on familiar popular music and still allowed the artists of Level Next to add their own flavor. These songs helped prove just how talented these artists really are since I like the remixes better than most of the originals…Awesome job…these artists killed the songs…hot music without a doubt!

  5. I love it, we need more chilled music 2 listen 2. Keep up the great work everyone! 🙂

  6. I’m loving it! It’s so refreshing to hear great music with purpose added in the mix!! Thanks all, keep it coming!!

  7. really dope!!!….all the artist stood out great!…positive and meaningful……i wuld have loved to see some callabo traks too….good work!!!…next big thing?

  8. WOW! SERIOUSLY! I am the NUMBER ONE Fan of Taylor Mallory. Your vocals are killing it on “Show Goes On”, “Loves Been Good to Us” and “All Over The World.” But I thought I was going to LOSE MY MIND on “Tell Me” with Willow Wells feat Paris! This smooth jazz song is a hit! In fact there are Twelve No. 1 hits on this mixtape! This is a musical melodic journey that you will want to take over and over again! People don’t sleep on the Level Next Family! They are truly taking music to the next level! Hats off to the ENTIRE team! Very soon they will be beating down your doors to get in! You are ALL truly exceptionally gifted team! And your level is next!
    (1 Cor 12:14)

  9. Just got done listening to the Mixtape. Not saying Great Job because you’re my cousin (Taylor M).. I’m saying great job bcz I can tell you all put in work and the music is MUSIC. It has it’s own identity and I love it!!! Love you and Great Job…..and I still want to smack Willow bcz she is ridiculously BEASTY!!!! Beautiful voice!!!

  10. This mix tape is KICK ASS!!! I love the spin that you put on these new songs. Maybe I’m biased, but I like your versions even better than the originals! Keep up the great work guys, so proud of all of you!!

  11. This label is going places. I’ve heard of a few of the artists before, but now I am really going to keep tuning in. “My Level is Next” – clever.

  12. The quality of the sound and lyrics are so authentic!

    Every track brings the listener to another level, literally. Imagine stirring up talents, integrating a taste of mainstream together with an underground mixture of rock and hip hop, blends of dance, R&B/pop, then baked to the sweet core of neo-soul.

    The synthesis seems almost unimaginable…but yet here it is! Thanks Level Next.

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  14. Hustle Hard,,Look at me now, Lover, Tell Me, Rolling in the Deep, are among my favorite picks ! I love them all

  15. Mix Tape Volume 1 has lots of special variety of songs for all I loved it, It looks like All of their LEVEL’S ARE NEXT! GREAT COLABORATION OF TALENTED ARTIST ARE FEATURED, I ENJOYED the whole package look out BET< MTV< Etc here they come! Great Job Level Next Music LS

  16. I have been hearing about this project for quite some time and I must say that I am thoroughly IMPRESSED with what I am hearing right now! I am going to have this on repeat ALL DAY!

  17. Endiskize, this is a very catchy song, & it sounds great & clear I love the story Line! Your Level is Next, right Now ! Love it (FAMOUS)

  18. All of the Lights by Jami singer, sounds so fresh & different Loved it, You’re going very far! lol

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