8 comments on “Endiskize

  1. Fabulous artists and music!!
    They have a heart and rithm – unbeatable combination!!!!

  2. Love the song and video. “Who is that handsome cute young man at the beginning of the video gettin up out the bed via alarm clock. He has a future. Uall on key. Your level is next. Its here now. Bless uall.

  3. This is such a universal song, everyone needs to give a listen, I just Love the music, the Lyric’s mean a lot in every aspect’s of Life , very talented writing & Rapper’s. We Don’t Back Down!!!!!! I Highly recommend!

  4. I just listened to the whole levelnext CD it is off the chain. i was getting ready for work this morning and almost late getting out the door because I couldn’t stop listening to it. I couldn’t wait to get to work to continue listening. So when i got to my office, turn on my computer and I let it ripe….This will be my daily routine when I get to work and pretty soon all of my employee’s will be singing one or two songs off the track and will be waiting to buy it once it hit the store…Great feedback from my staff so fall…It is Gods will for success for all on this label. I love you Guys very positive and clean music, that what we need…THANKS!

  5. I thought u did a wonderful job. You repersented everyone tremendously. Keep up the good work. Maybe giving the artist buy the name of Arrogant a try? He is amazing, from Chicago, and speaks the truth. You would fit together perfectly i actually think hand in hand. Get back to me! We Dont Back Down!!!!!! YA YA YA

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